Changing the blog layout to clean, flat two column grid

My blog layout is shocking! Look at it. LOOK AT IT!


I need to make this wordpress blog two columns, clean and appealing to the eye. It needs to be responsive and modern.

I’m writing this blog in realtime as I make changes so without further ado…

I’m developing this layout locally using MAMP and a clone of this blog you’re on right now.
Thinks I need to do:
• add and load new css file “blog.css”
• add default featured image. Something silly, something fun, something retro.
• move, add or delete elements of the blog post teasers. Why do I need that stupid Date box with comments count? Oh and the default title link style? Pah-lease!

Alright, lets give this a whirl…

• I’ve found an image and decided it’s size on blog page will be maximum 470 x 246.
• Added a new image library size in WordPress back end. No it’s not 470 x 246, it’s 940 x 492 – retina images man, that’s the new shit. Update: It’s not so new.
• Scaled down the image so it does show at 470 x 246.
• Put a background color on my blog container.
• Floated my blog posts left so they layout in the two column grid I’m using.


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